What Is Pronation in Tennis? 3 Things You Must Know

“Pronation” is a tennis term for a certain way to serve the ball. A tennis serve depends a lot on how well the arm and body move together.

In tennis, pronation is used to give the ball more spin, which is important for a strong serve.

Tennis players like this swing style because it uses the arm’s most natural motion and works well with some racket grips.

What Is Pronation in Tennis?

This inward rotation around the body’s axis is called “pronation of the wrist and hand” or “pronation of the forearm.” When the forearm bends and twists, the arm bones cross over each other.

This motion is easier to understand if you think of it as the twisting that happens when the shoulders stay still and the forearm moves from palm-up to palm-down.

What Is Pronation in Tennis

Pronation is a perfectly normal movement in tennis, since the arm rotates inward during the serve swing.

Pronation happens at the top of the tennis swing, right before the ball is hit and the player’s arm starts to come down. For this twist to work, you have to have a good hold on the tennis racket.

The Most Common Grips

Most of the time, the continental and eastern backhand grips are used to pronate a tennis swing. Most people use the continental grip, and it is often compared to cutting wood with an axe.

In the eastern backhand grip, the first bevel of the tennis racket is held by the base knuckle of the index finger and the heel of the hand. This grip has been praised for making control and spin better.

What Is Pronation in Tennis

The Main Reason That Pronation In Tennis Serves

Most of the time, pronation is used to add spin to a tennis serve. In soccer, as in many other sports, the ball moves faster when it spins faster.

Many tennis beginners use the “pancake serve,” which gets its name from the fact that the ball is hit straight on, with no pronation.

When the head of the racket is turned to the side, the strings are pointed in the right direction before they touch the ball. This gives the ball spin.

If you let the tennis racket spin freely after pronation, it would spin very quickly, like the arms of an ice skater.

What Is Pronation in Tennis

Arm pronation is a move that professionals can do very quickly and with a lot of force. The impact of the racket on the ball gives it speed and force.

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