In Baseball, what is a Middle Infielder? 3 Facts & Meaning

A middle infielder is a defensive position in baseball. A middle infielder typically plays second base. A middle infielder is the second baseman and shortstop in the same infield.

The middle infielders in Major League Baseball are all shortstops except for second basemen who play there also.

There are many different kinds of middle. Let’s read the below article to know all about a middle infielder. 

What is a Middle Infielder?

Middle infielders are the people who play second base or shortstop in baseball. The name “middle infielder” comes from the fact that the position is close to second base, which is in the middle of the field. First and third bases are on the sides of the field, along the foul lines.

what is a Middle Infielder

From home plate, the shortstop plays on the side of second base that is closer to third base, and the second baseman plays on the other side of second base. The two players who play first and third base are called corner infielders.


At the middle infield position, you need to have good athletic skills, especially agility and speed. Most of the time, middle infielders have to be faster than corner infielders because they have to cover more ground to catch a hit ball.

what is a Middle Infielder

The second baseman and the shortstop need to talk to each other often so they can decide who will catch a throw to second base depending on the situation.

When a runner from first base tries to steal second and the catcher throws the ball, the fielder covering the base may change depending on a number of things, such as who is throwing the ball, where the ball went if it was hit, and whether the batter is hitting from the right or left side of the plate.

Double Plays

A middle infielder needs to know how to turn a double play. When a runner is on first base and the batter hits a ball that the pitcher, catcher, or any infielder catches, the runner is out.

As the runner gets closer to second, the infielders work together to throw out the batter who is running toward first. The situation where two batters are out on the same play is called a “double play.”

A 6-4-3 double play, where the numbers on the scorecard show where the players are on the field, is the most common type of double play because it uses both middle infielders and the first baseman.

When the second out is made, it is because the shortstop caught the ball and flipped or threw it to the second baseman protecting the base. The second baseman then threw the ball to first base for the second out.

what is a Middle Infielder

To make this kind of double play, the two middle infielders must work together and be quick on their feet. Also, agility is important because a runner trying to get to second base will often try to slide into a middle infielder who is trying to turn a double play, which will throw him off.

The middle infielder usually has to be able to throw the ball to first base while jumping out of the way of the sliding runner to avoid a collision and possible injury.


Most middle infielders and especially second basemen have smaller gloves. After catching the ball, the middle infielder can quickly and easily throw it by reaching into the glove and pulling it out.

This is very important when an infielder is trying to turn a double play quickly after catching a hit ball. Depending on how quickly or carefully the middle infielder takes the ball out of his glove, the batter might be safe or out at first base.

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