4 Significances and Symbolisms Behind Letterman Jacket

For those of you who love the Letterman style, then you should know that you need to wear a jacket that has a similar appearance to the one he wears.

This is especially true if you are going to be wearing it to a formal occasion. To help you get the look, we have a guide that will help you pick out the right jacket for your style and occasion

What is a Letterman Jacket?

Letterman jackets are a common sight on American high school campuses. They are big winter coats with the school’s colors and sometimes a school letter sewn into the front, as well as other trim.

High school students in the U.S. who participate in varsity sports or other school-sponsored extracurricular activities often get a letter at the end of the season.

What is a Letterman Jacket?

A big fabric letter, usually the first letter of the school’s name but sometimes the first letter of each word in the name, is sewn onto the upper left chest to finish off the letterman jacket.

Each time a student gets a letter, they usually get a smaller piece of fabric or a tiny metal pin that can be sewn into the clothing.

The jacket can also have the student’s initials, the year they graduated, the school’s mascot, emblems that show what activities they do outside of school, and emblems that show what awards they have won.

What is a Letterman Jacket?

Jacket Styles

Even though letterman coats come in many different styles, they all have some things in common. For example, the shoulders and/or sleeves of many of these coats are made of leather or fake leather.

Most letterman jackets have the school’s colors in vertical stripes at the shoulders and horizontal stripes at the hem and cuffs.

On the front of the jacket, there are two small pockets near the waist. There are letterman jackets with hoods and ones with just small collars with stripes.


On the back of a letterman jacket, you’ll often see the school’s name or mascot. Using fabric letters, a student’s name could be embroidered on the left breast, on the right chest, or anywhere else on the jacket.

Usually, the student’s graduation year is embroidered on the jacket, either at the top of one arm or at the bottom of the front, under one of the pockets (the last two digits of the year).

What is a Letterman Jacket?

Depending on the student’s tastes or the traditions of their school, they may also add other decorative or commemorative items.

For example, patches might be sewn on to the sleeves. Metals, medals, and pins can also be added. They are often put on the letter or somewhere else on the front of the jacket.

As a Fashion Statement

Most high schools in the United States have these coats, but you might also see them in other countries and on some college campuses.

What is a Letterman Jacket?

There are also fake letterman coats that are popular but have nothing to do with any school. This kind of letterman jacket might have the logo of a made-up school, the label of the jacket’s maker or designer, or the name of another business.

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