What is a Tailgate Party? 2 Facts & Meanings

What is a Tailgate Party

Tailgate parties are social events that are usually held in parking lots before and after concerts, football games, baseball games, and other big events. Tailgate parties are known for using open car trunks as makeshift seating areas and places to store things like food, coolers, and folding chairs. What is a Tailgate Party? People who … Read more

Difference Between AL and NL: 5 Things To Know

Difference Between American League and National League

Major League Baseball (MLB), which is made up of both the American and National Leagues, is the only way to play professional baseball in North America. The National League (NL) doesn’t allow teams to use a “designated hitter,” but the American League (AL) does (DH). Because of the DH rule, the American League scores more … Read more

What Is Cheerleading Underwear? 4 Useful Things

What Is Cheerleading Underwear

Cheerleading underwear was invented in 1992. They’re designed for gymnasts and cheerleaders, not for men. They’re used to help a woman stay up during gymnastics practice and competitions. There’s a lot of controversy over whether or not they really have any effect on men. Some people think it’s just a trend, and that it doesn’t … Read more