Ethiopian Olympic Committee

 Women’s Commission

 Duties and Responsibility

 This Commission was established based on the Resolution passed by the Ethiopian Olympic Committee –Executive Board in its regular Session held on 30/4/2009.


Formational Objectives

  •  To serve in the capacity of an Adviser to the Ethiopian Olympic Committee Executive Board on matters related to Women and Sport.
  • Upon undertaking tasks having bearings on women’s sport participation with the Ethiopian Olympic Committee by assuming responsibility to furnish input towards the decision by the Board


Major Activities of the Commission

  • Devises a strategy to improve the nation’s participations buy women (in Sportswomaship, as a professional as manager, etc)
  • Designs motivational and incentive schemes /strategies in view of promoting women’s participation in the nation’s sport activities, implements same upon approval.
  • Organizes plat forms for experience sharing, Joint Action-Plan Designing, etc in partnership with governmental and non- governmental institutions working on Women’s Sport.
  • Gives advices and works together in terms of ensuring the long and short term plans of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee to be considerate of women’s utility.
  • Undertakes taskes assigned to it by the Executive Board,\
  • Serves in the Capacity of an Adviser Board to both the President and the Executive Board on Women and Sport issues;
  • Formulates annual work plan to be submitted for approval by the Executive Board;
  • Submits Quarterly progress report to the executive Board on the actual performance of the commission.







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