Ethiopian Olympic Committee

 Technical Commission

 Duties and Responsibility

 This Commission was established following the Resolution passed by the Ethiopians Olympic Committee in its Regular Session held on 30/4/2009.


Formational Objection

  •  To serve in the capacity of adviser on Technical issues to the Ethiopian Olympic Committee-Executives Boards.
  •  To furnish input towards the decision to be taken by the Board in order to take up Technical works from the Ethiopians Olympic Committee by assuming responsibility.


Major Activates of the Commission

  • Selects participants to attend on short and long term professional sport training which the Ethiopian Olympic Committee Manages to secure from various countries and Associations.
  • Submits for approval various trainings, workshop, Researches and Studies Plan, Strategies and Performance Action Plan, upon approval shall impalement in collaboration with the concerned organs.
  • Conducts assessment study on the training demand and supply correspondence for the past four years, shall submit compensation schemes for observed short falls and implementation strategies.
  • Designes strategies to endow the Ethiopians Olympic Committee Gymnasium Service/Facility with effective operational procedure; conducts follow-up;
  • Service in the capacity of an Adviser on Technical issues to the president and Executives Board;
  • Undertakes related tasks as referred by the Executive Board
  • Submits Quarterly Progress Report on the Commission’s actual performance to the Executive Board for approval;
  • Conducts follow-up, extends assistance, monitors and evaluates participation and preparation in the All-Ethiopian Games, African Youth Olympic, World Youth Olympic, All-African Games and Olympic Games.
  • In collaboration with the Olympic Games Preparation Committee, shall carre out Strategic Plans.

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