Ethiopian Olympic Committee

 Medical Commission

 Duties and Responsibilities

 This Commission was established pursuant to Resolution passed by the Ethiopian Olympic Committee Executive Board in its Regular Session held on 30/4/2009.


Formational Objectives

  • Upon upholding the Olympic Philosophies by underpinning sporting activities with modern science medical techniques as well as by conducting follow –up, helping the sport to score significant growth and to be a success story.
  • Maintaining the overall health of Athletes.
  • Ensuring rights on professional code of ethics both in the sport as well as in sporting medical treatment. 

Major Duties of the Commission

  • Advising and supporting the Ethiopian Olympic Committee in the field of sport medical treatment.
  • Gathering and implementing new innovation from researches undertaken on the sport process, and also conducting other national research,
  • Formulating various sport related procedures/manuals to be used by sportsman and sportswomen,
  • In general formulates annual plan, budget and action plan for sport regarding sport objectives, training and diet, competence measurement, massage, harmful practices, doping and the like,
  • Based upon the Systematic Action program to be issued by the Ethiopian Olympic Committee organizes awareness creation Seminars, Workshops and Symposiums  for Coaches (Sportsman/sportswomen) and referees within the national Federations on sport related medical treatment, 
  • Unleashes Anti-doping national campaign with a well robust and united overall capability in collaboration with the National Olympic Committee Continental and World Anti-doping Agencies,
  • Upon conducting researches on sport related medical treatment support projects whereof our country can benefits from the Internation   commission; submits the findings for approval to the Management Commission, gets underway tasks based on plan once assistance is obtained.
  • In the fight unleashed for Anti-dopping, shall publish featuring Heroic Olympic athletes using local and international languages.
  • Upon strengthening an overall care in sport related medical treatment under the Ethiopian Olympic Commission, conducts research on the ways with which Sport Health center can be well organized; and also submits its proposal to the Main Commission for implementation.
  • For the international level Championships wherein the Ethiopians Olympics team is to be participating, gets the required budget to be assigned for sport medication procedure and for treatment, pharmaceuticals and substances;
  • Submits Quarterly Progress Report on the Commission actual performance to the Executive Board.



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