Ethiopian Olympic Committee

Development Committee

 Duties and Responsibilities

 This Committee was established based on the Resolution passed by the Ethiopian Olympic Executive Board in its Regular Session held on 30/4/2009.

Formational Objectives

  • With respect to construction issues, it serves as a consultant to the Ethiopian Olympic Committee Executive Board.
  • To furnish inputs for the decision to be passed by the Board in order to take up responsibility for construction works of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee.

Major Duties of the Commission

  • Conducts follow up on works and gives consultancy to the Executive Board with regard to construction of Olympic center, Olympic Africa Bishoftu Youth center to be undertaken under the responsibilities of the Ethiopian Olympic Committee,
  • Assesses the undertaking problems behind delays over already commenced construction works and on works yet to commence,
  • Submitting strategies and action plans to acquire various construction material inputs required to get underway construction works thereby conducts follow-up on application /function once they receive Board appropriate,
  • Service in the capacity of a Consulting to the president and the Executive Board regarding construction related matters.
  • Performs related tasks as referred to it by the Executive Board;
  • Formulates annual work plan for approval by the Executive Board,
  • Submits Quarterly Progress Report, on the Committee actual performance, to the Executive Board.

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