Ethiopian Olympic Committee

 Athletics Commission

 Duties and responsibilities

The Commission had been established pursuant to the Regulation passed by the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Executive Board in its Regular Session held on 30/4/2009.


Formation objectives

  • To consult the Ethiopian Olympic Committee regarding athletes taking part in the Summer and Winter Olympic Championships.
  • Ensuring the rights and interests of Ethiopian athletes to be observed.
  • Helping Ethiopian athletes to be set-up/organized at every level.
  • Establishing inter-relationship with International Olympic Committee athletes Commission and with subordinate organs under its supervision.

 Major Duties of the Commission

  •  Deliveries appropriate assistance towards the establishment of Athletics Commission under every Sport type.
  • Keeps record of Athletics Commission in every Sport.
  • Organizes various educational programs having bearings on athletes in partnership with the concerned organs.
  • Collects and complies various types of information on Athletes.
  • Puts in place and implements awareness creation induction programs capable of enabling Athletes to know and observe sporting rules and regulations, as well as to enhance sportsmanship.
  • Formulates and implements plans that benefit Athletes.
  • Submits General Progress Report on its plan implementation to the Ethiopian Olympic Committee, Examination Board.

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