Ethiopian Horse Sport Association

Horse racing is one of the traditional sports of our country. For an Ethiopian, horse symbolizes a paragon of happiness, sorrow, heroism and one’s identify. Modern horse racing in Ethiopia dates as far back as the regins of Emperor Menillik-II. While modern horse racing in Ethiopian pre-dated the Italian occupation, it had even continued during the five year Italian occupation under the readership of the sport by foreign community members. Following the return by His Highness Emperor Haileselassie to the capital city of Addis Ababa in the year 1941,  the King rendered the then British citizen coming with him after exile to establish horse sport with a sense of responsibility and thereby to train Ethiopian horsemen. 

Show jumping, Horse Shert computation, polo match, Dire Saj competition, Vaulting competition, Cross-Country competition are some of modern horse races our country, Ethiopia takes part locally and overseas. The Ethiopian Horse Sport Association is undergoing extensive work in respect of promoting the sport through the region in a well organized and integrated manner.

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